Applied Post-separation Parenting (APP)

What is Applied Post-separation Parenting (APP) program?

As parents we want what is best for our children, we want to keep them healthy, safe, and close to us.

 We understand that co-parenting after separation can be challenging especially under high conflict.

The APP program is a post-separation parenting program that assist parents to minimise the detrimental impacts on children following separation and divorce. 

The APP program is unique in that parents will receive personalised assistance and support from certified professionals, to consolidate and apply the knowledge and skills they learn to their specific family circumstances and day to day interaction with their children and/or co-parents.

Why choose APP?

1.      No waiting-list.

2.      Ease of accessibility:
The APP can be completed fully online through utilising video conferencing technology.

3.      Flexibility:
Complete self-paced online modules in your own time.

4.      Personalised:
Coaching and training sessions are tailored to your specific family situation and circumstances.

5.    Positive skills for life:
Develop lifelong skills for you and your children.

6.      World’s best practice:
Online modules developed by international experts on high conflict behaviour from latest research.

How APP helps you

  • Focus on the best interest of your children
  • Learn the importance of protecting your children (and yourself) from parental conflict.
  • Identifies children’s developmental needs and how you can protect them during the process of separation.
  • Learn skills that will help you to improve your ability to negotiate with your co-parent and strategies to achieve better outcomes.
  • Explores strategies for parents to increase their resilience and ability to work with their co-parent.
  • Strategies to help your children adapt to parental separation and cope with parental conflict.

Who is APP for?

  • Parents who may be referred by other professionals or ordered by the family court
  • Parents going through separation or divorce
  • New partners, Step-parents
  • Grandparents
  • Other people who provide care for children

APP Plus (APP+) is specifically designed to support families through post-separation who are currently having Child Contact Sessions

Online Modules

1. Managed Emotions

2. Flexible Thinking

3. Moderate Behaviours

4. Checking Yourself

5. Extreme Behaviours & Effects on your Child’s Brain

6. Raising healthy children with your co-parent

7. Child Developmental Goals

8. Parenting Schedules

9. Using Professionals

10. New Partners, New Families

11. Handling Financial Issues

12. Avoid becoming a High Conflict case

Program Overview:


1. Twelve self-paced online modules (~12 hours)
Includes videos, readings, quizzes.

2. Self-reflection journal (90+ Pages)
Comprehensive journal with simulations, life applications, and future-focused activities.

3. Personalised Coaching
A Professional Coach will identify areas of learning and improvement to develop a personalised coaching plan for the parent. Sessions may include theory re-consolidation, discussions/simulations of their experiences, and/or preparation for any upcoming situations. 



4. Learning-in-Action (LIA) Training
Sessions of training delivered in conjunction with Child Contact Services. LIA trainers observe and assist parents to integrate the child-focused learning components taught in the online modules with real life interactions with their children (and/or co-parent) during their child contact sessions or changeovers.

Certificate of progress and/or completion:

(which you can provide to the court or co-parent)

Certificate of Completion:
For APP (satisfactorily complete components 1, 2, & 3)
For APP+ (satisfactorily complete components 1 to 4)

and our friendly Customer Service Excellence Team will be in contact with you.