First Aid Relationship Mediation (FARM)

What is FARM?

First Aid Relationship Mediation (FARM) is a future-focused mediation approach for anyone that is seeking to restore or rebuild their relationship. Our Dispute Resolution Specialist facilitates you to explore the issues and to develop strategies on how to manage these in the future.

Our Dispute Resolution Specialist uses the FARM approach to assist you to:

  • Communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully
  • Clarify the issues that are impacting and affecting your relationship
  • Generate options that are sustainable and workable

so that you can positively move forward in life together.



How FARM can help you

  • Encourages direct communication in a safe space facilitated by a Dispute Resolution Specialist
  • Allows you both to voice your points of view
  • Allows you both to hear, understand, and acknowledge, each other’s points of view
  • Fosters a positive climate to work together to strengthen the relationship
  • Encourages the generation of innovative, sustainable, and workable options 
  • Learn strategies and tools specific for your circumstances to manage or resolve future conflicts

Who is FARM suitable for?

FARM is suitable for anyone that wants to have a healthy, ongoing, harmonious relationship.

  • Couples from all communities including Poly and LGBTIQ
  • Parents and Grandparents
  • Brothers, sisters, and cousins
  • Extended and/or blended families
  • Alienated adult children
  • Close friends and other personal relationships
  • Business Partners, Work Colleagues
  • Club and association members


Commonly discussed issues at FARM:

Some of the most commonly discussed issues include: 

  • How you talk to and treat each other
  • Appreciation and acknowledgement
  • Sharing responsibilities
  • Managing how decisions are made
  • Couples Time
  • Parenting Issues (best interest of the child/ren)
  • Intimacy and personal needs
  • Management of financial matters
  • Other interpersonal problems

The Dispute Resolution Specialist will assist and empower you to re-negotiate and develop strategies to handle any issues that are negatively impacting the relationship in order to help you to positively move forward together.

Let us empower and help you move forward to evolve for a better future.


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